When I purchased my condo one of the first things I needed to address was closet space. My bedroom has a closet the size of a phone booth, and that just wasn’t gonna cut it…I mean I am a girl who loves clothes! I had remembered my visit to the Viceroy Palm Springs and the white closets they had in the guest rooms, which had these amazing mirrored pulls. So I started thinking, how can I get that look?, and on a budget?… I knew IKEA would be my first stop.

viceroy closet inspiration
1. my photo 2.Viceroy guest room 3.Viceroy guest room 4. Viceroy closet

I started by getting the IKEA Pax wardrobe with high gloss white doors. Then I went to a local glass and mirror shop, and asked them if they could cut me 3 mirrors in the shape I wanted. They told me if I brought in a cardboard cutout to size, they could do it no problem. I was so excited, and for only $30, even better!! I used cardboard from a moving box, to cut out the shape I wanted. They rounded the edges, drilled holes in the middle of each mirror, and gave me adhesive to attach them. Now all I needed was  actual pulls. I scoured the internet to find something that was not too heavy, and came across these robe hooks from West Elm . They were perfect! Next I carefully measured (about 10 times!), drilled holes into the front of the doors, slapped the mirrors on with adhesive, screwed the pulls in, and voila!

viceroy inspired closet doors