Spring has sprung, and my bedroom got a little springtime refresh. Last week I shared with you the dresser restyle (see it here), so today we will see the rest. First up is this leopard chair. If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen it many times, as it has been the subject of much debate. I saw them at the consignment store, and couldn’t decide if they where hideous, or amazing. My mom though hideous, my instagram followers thought amazing. With some reassurance they where amazing, I went back and got one. It has turned into the perfect addition to my room. I got rid of the dog bed, and turned this little space into a reading knook…and well, the dogs seem to think it is their new bed!

bedroom refresh  via bungalow m.jpg

bedroom refresh  thrifted leopard chair  via bungalow m.jpg

bedroom refresh  side table decor  via bungalow m.jpg

The brass bed was a consignment store find. Turns out I bought the childhood bed of my dreams! Let me explain, it all starts with American Girl Dolls, if you are familiar. My sister (who I shared a room with) received Samantha, the rich proper girl with the perfect brass bed and tufted linens. I coveted that bed, but you know sharing was not an option! The next year I received Kirsten, the poor immigrant who came with simple clothes and a fishing pole. So yes I cried and said Santa brought me a poor doll…ridiculous for a 5-year-old, I know! Non the less, when I posted a pic on instagram of my find, my sister quickly pointed out the similarity. I could not stop laughing!…I guess that bed was bound to be mine one day!

bedroom refresh  brass bed  via bungalow m.jpg

The closet doors got a little update as well ( see them before here ). I shared a picture a while back of two brass lion head towel rings I got for $3.50. I decided they would make great closet door pulls, but needed one more. I hit up Etsy, and to my luck found one, while not exact it was pretty close. Also the description said it was purchased at Meanley and Sons in La Jolla CA in 1949, which I thought was pretty cool! I used some good old household hogar to glue them to my existing pulls.

bedroom refresh  closet doors  via bungalow m.jpg

bedroom refresh used vintage brass towel holders as closet door pulls  via bungalow m.jpg

Well there it is! All that is left is new window coverings, and maybe a rug…